Group told to stop feeding the homeless in downtown Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. A battle between City Hall and a homeless outreach ministry is about to come to a head in Olympia.

Members of the outreach organization believe they have the right to feed the homeless, but city leaders say they're endangering people's safety and they need to close up shop.

City Manager Steve Hall said after he received those complaints, Olympia police investigated and found several safety violations, including dozens of people walking into traffic and blocking cars.

"We're responsible for public safety, and when people use public property in an unsafe manner it's our responsibility to step in and say this can't happen," Hall said.

Charles said he's cheap nba jerseys free shipping not going to stop what he's doing.

"Not feeding is not an option," he said. "We're going to be feeding about 630."

Charles' outreach efforts aren't just about feeding the homeless, either. A local homeless man named Alex said Charles helped him kick a drug addiction.

"They've always helped me," Alex said. "I'm doing a lot better and they've been an inspiration."

He Austin Daye NBA jerseys and others wonder what will happen and where they'll get their food if Charles and his group are forced to shut down.

"I think if they're not down here things are going to fall apart," one woman said.

The city isn't saying the group can't feed the homeless, just that they can't do it in that parking lot. Charles says he's not moving, and city leaders say they'll soon be forced to ticket him.

I don't understand why people complain and won't go help to remedy the issue. Try to stay with me here. this might come as a shock to you but public property is for the PUBLIC. Homeless people are citizens just like YOU. (really!) Instead of depriving them of food served in a public space due to trivial safety/traffic concerns, why not offer to assist the food servers in directing traffic and pedestrians to the food services in a safe manner? Why not organize a clean up crew to change trash and help haul it away? Keep complaining that your city is dirty instead of getting a broom and sweeping up the filth. Is menial cleaning beneath you? Is it NOT your responsibility? No? Then who does the task fall to? It's public property, you're part of the public, so go help maintain your space. Ahh, I see, because you don't want "people like that" around in the first place, you certainly wouldn't want to encourage them to use well maintained clean public land within city limits. I hope those of you that feel like the homeless CHOOSE to be homeless and live in filth never find yourself evicted, hungry, jobless, and no way to feed your children. Many AmeriKKKans are ONE paycheck away from homelessness. The nameless, faceless people depending on the meals being served in public areas such as parks and city parking lots could be your children or grandchildren some day. I bet you'll feel differently then. Will you go camp in the woods with them and hunt/gather for your food? I doubt it. You'll go where the most resources are. You'll go to PUBLIC property where you are entitled to be, as a citizen. Then you might understand the need for clean, safe public restrooms, affordable housing, safe (organic and non gmo) food and water resources, access to free medical care, and a competitive wage that you can support your family with. I bet your head is spinning with rage by now. Take your ego out of the picture and walk a mile in someone else's shoes and then get back to me. AmeriKKKa is broke. Come down off your lily white cloud and fix the system. Wake up.

Just think of what would happen to you if some corporate bean counter decided that your job would be better outsourced or the entire company shipped off to Shanghi as often happened in the past decade. Losing your job and likely not finding another soon would not be fun. Unemployment and savings will only pay bills for so long and then you lose everythiing. You could end up going to one of the feedingsto get oneof the few hot decent meals of the week yourself.

I myself have been homeless due to lack of work and losing nearly everything. I am not a drunk or a druggie. I was just someone that had hard times and managed thankfully to find stable work. This got me off the street and back into an apartment. Sure there are some that have substance abuse problems but the bulk of the homeless are just plainfolks going through hard times. Given achance most homeless would want to get back to a normal life.

My family and I were involved in a street feed like this for years. It was a huge part of our lives and I enjoyed getting to know some of the people who were homeless or down on their luck and hearing their stories. We worked not only to give food but also warm blankets and socks in the winter and fresh clean water in the summer and personal hygiene items, even hair cuts. Unfortunately, after doing it for a long time and trying to NBA jerseys free shipping help set up many of the people with resources we began to realize that they did not want to take advantage of the resources offered. They just wanted the handouts. I started to see how giving out the free meals was actually enabling them to continue a lifestyle of being addicts (not all of them) instead of forcing them to turn to the resources available which may have helped them get clean. Yes, there were a few who got help and pulled themselves out but not because we were standing there giving free handouts. I still miss doing it but I don't believe it is the solution to end homelessness, poverty or addiction. Time would be better spent volunteering at shelters and in programs that offer long term hope.

I think food vouchers or a more controlled eating situation for the disabled homeless is a better choice. Stop feeding the "lifestyle" homeless that are trashing the cities on the West Coast. When you feed them, give them money, they use the little money they have on "priorities" like booze and drugs. I think that those of you who sit in your cozy living rooms and think "oh, those MEAN People don't want to feed these poor unfortunate souls," have no cheap nba jerseys clue what the reality of the street people is in places like Olympia. The majority are not folks down on their luck, but people that choose to live that way because working gets in the way of partying. I've stopped shopping in DT Olympia. I didn't feel safe going from my car into the stores.

How about we stop this "poor homeless" charade, and try something else. Everyone who holds a cardboard sign is not homeless. Everyone that chooses to live in the streets so they can party with their friends and avoid hard work is not deserving of pity or handouts. Until America stops using the term "homeless" as some sort of shorthand for something to be pitied and coddled, we'd be better off. Did you know that they've shown that the average "homeless" person uses hundreds of thousands of dollars in services during their transient days??? Pffft. We could buy them houses for that. The majority of the people don't want homes, or a home is not going to solve the problem. If all you want to do is drink and do drugs with your friends, eat free food, how is having a home going to change that.

I agree with the biz owners. That is NOT the place to feed them. These churches are so clueless. I know and I speak for everyone. The City has virtually criminalized homelessness, does not have 24/7 public toilets (yet complains about public urination, or worse), has made the possession of blankets, pillows, cardboard, sleeping bags, eating utensils (you name it) illegal within the city limits. This is a town that designated a few 'busking zones' not long ago, ticketing/arresting those who engaged in this free speech activity anywhere else in public. It's a town that made it illegal to drive pass the same spot more than twice in downtown. It's a place where the mayor has openly bragged about creating a crisis ('momentum', he calls it) by passing poverty laws targeting the poor and homeless. Olympia is rapidly becoming a gated community in all but name only. We know it is an illness that needs to be treated, as is drug addiction. Starving alcoholics/drug addicts is a prescription for crime. The faith based ministries begin to establish a relationship between the community and the addicted person. Both parties benefit. In learning that others care about their plight, the addict can learn to care about others as well as their self. It's an imperfect solution for an imperfect world. The point is to try rather than blaming the victim, then throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Some of the homeless looked better off than others at this controversial event. That stands to reason given the difference among individuals and the amount of time they've been homeless. Are there those who abuse the generosity of others? Sure. There are people who abuse the bankruptcy laws, bank/student loans, and even gut institutions intended for the poor, like HUD, as Reagan's well connected Republic pals did during his administration. In fact, the biggest most pernicious abusers of public funds putting the public at the highest risk of death or injury isn't the poor at all, it is the corporate welfare queens of America.

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